Project Log – Groovy Grove Park

For our latest project we were asked to help create a more functional downstairs living space in this pretty little terraced house in South East London. Catford and the surrounding areas are frequently tipped as the latest “in” place to buy and through our carefully implemented improvements this property was well and truly proptimised!


The initial shell we were presented with consisted of a simple but small layout with a separate kitchen and living area. The flooring was very confused with different surfaces at different levels in the various spaces and a severe case of sloped flooring in the kitchen. The kitchen itself was poorly fitted and clearly had been done on the cheap, there were pipes and cables in plain site of view all over the place and the space was screaming out for some much needed TLC.



With the budget proposed, the solution here was a simple 4 step process:

1. Remove the wall separating the kitchen and living room. This was a supporting wall so the necessary precautions were taken to ensure there was sufficient support at either end and the appropriate steel lintel was fitted. Given that previously both rooms were quite small this had a huge impact on the quality of the living space, with extra light from both ends of the house. The beam itself had to be kept visible, but helped to create a division between the two space without being a physical barrier.


2. Replace the flooring. With the open plan living space now created it was essential to have a continuous flow of flooring throughout and a level floor at that. With the digging and leveling done, the skirting was popped off and a seamless engineered wooden floor laid throughout with all expansion gaps concealed in the new skirting and door frames.


3. Update the kitchen. The existing kitchen was one of the first things we noticed on initial inspection of the property and was simply not up to scratch. In its place a brand new kitchen was fitted (keeping the original oven) with remote controlled under-cupboard lighting and a metro tile backsplash.


4. Decorate and tidy the services. The final step (although some of these processes were carried out at the start) was to decorate and make sure the overall finish was to a high standard. The walls were re-plastered where necessary, pipework re-configured and boxed in, the consumer unit concealed, new ceiling lights fitted and then a quality paint job to complete the look.





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