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We were thrilled to be asked by property guru Cheryl Markovsky (@cherylmarkovsky) for our advice on home staging which was included in her latest article for in MoveTo magazine (@move_to)

As we find ourselves stressing to clients regularly, the first part of the process is to understand exactly the type of client you are trying to sell or let to. To give you an analogy:

Most people going on a date make sure that they are clean, tidy and presentable and they try to emphasise their best features or common interests throughout the evening. Selling houses is no different, yet so many people are astonishingly indifferent and lax about putting their home on the market when the potential benefit could be into the tens of thousands of pounds.

One’s choice of outfit will depend on the type of date they are going on and the anticipated tastes of their prospective partner; if your date is a member of Greenpeace, it would be a bad idea to wear a fur coat and tell them about your passion for motorsport! In the same way, different property types in different parts of London require different approaches.

See below for some extracts from the magazine or follow this link to download the pdf.

MoveTo Extract (1)


MoveTo Extract (2)

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