Project Log – Brilliant Bethnal Green

For our latest trick, Propia was invited to help convert an old, split-level, light industrial space in Bethnal Green into an expansive and unique living space. Personally we are rather pleased with the results, but we will let the pictures speak for themselves.


To put the whole job into perspective, it is worth understanding what the space looked like before we got to work. The pictures below show pretty much all there is to see – two large, cold and featureless rooms….no pressure then!

BG Before Compilation

With the help of the wonderful Studio Fothergill, the plans were drawn up and this future home began to take shape:

3 Temple floor plans_Page_13 Temple floor plans_Page_2






The remit was to keep the upstairs space as open as possible and retain as many of the original features including the raw red brick walls. The bi-product of this was that all electrical work had to be run using galvanised steel conduit which some might feel is an eye-sore, but we feel it fits in perfectly with the feel of this home and should be embraced, not shunned.


The open-plan kitchen was undoubtedly centred around the electric AGA and all its’ greatness. Solid beech worktops helped connect the brick walls with the more modern kitchen units. The floor was again sourced from our friends at Lionvest and is brushed to expose the grain and then stained grey with an oil finish.

20150320_BattProperty_Capture_0119 (1)



Downstairs was split into a more private living space with living room at the front, bathroom in the middle and bedroom at the back. Each end of the space features a lightwell below the windows above allowing a remarkable amount of natural light into the rooms. This was complemented by carefully selected lighting to compliment the whitewashed brick walls and conduit they sit on.


The whole build was very successful for both Propia and our super lovely clients. Excluding a break for Christmas (and a National Grid caused delay) the job took 10 weeks and is now being happily occupied. Of equal importance is that early indications suggest that the work has exceeded even our expectations regarding value uplift, the key with this property is that the original space was unique so there was an opportunity to create something a little bit different and very big bit special, not just squeezing as many rooms as possible into a box as we see all to often.







All photography credits to Henry Hunt Photography


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