Stamp Duty

There has been much talk of stamp duty reform in recent months, but is all this talk just the latest whinge of the property industry or is it really a valid complaint that the treasury should take note of and potentially win over voters with in the upcoming elections?

Well, let’s start by considering what the actual complaint is. Those proposing reform claim that the existing system is both archaic and too expensive. Archaic given the lumpy bands in which it is applied creating ‘dead zones’ in sales prices. Expensive because house prices have risen much faster than inflation over a number of years, so the amount paid is not a fair representation of what was intended when the system was introduced. Let’s consider each of these in turn:


Frequently Asked Questions

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Is London Bubbling Over?

We at Propia pride ourselves on our in-depth knowledge and understanding of the London property market, so when we read the umpteenth recent news article making bold claims about the alleged out of control housing “super” bubble going on in London right now, we decided to carry out our own investigation and put the whole situation into some kind of perspective.


Online Vs Traditional Estate Agencies (Part Two)

In our post last week we looked at the rise of the online estate agent and the how the various new companies differ. This week we will examine how traditional estate agents differ from a seller’s perspective and which is most cost effective and efficient.

It should be noted at this point that we do not have a specific affiliation to either type and, in fact, we work with with both so it is in our interest to be fair and honest! To allow us to write this article we have to make some generalisations and so your own case should be treated on its’ own specific merits. 

We have broken down the main services offered by the two types of agencies and compared them in each instance.


Online Vs Traditional Estate Agencies (Part One)

For those people, such as ourselves, who scour every inch of the property press it is quite incredible how many new online estate agencies are popping up, some of which with huge financial backing. They are very much the latest fad and, as with all new concepts, this is causing somewhat of a stir, both to understand what these new formats really offer and whether they are any different from the traditional estate agent. Both valid questions and both questions which we would like to know the answers to as much as you.

In our first blog post on this topic we will examine the current leading players in the online estate agency market and how their offerings compare. In a following post we will investigate how they differ from the traditional estate agency model and whether this can actually generate savings for the home seller.