Whether you are
looking to sell or let,
Propia devises and implements
the improvements
to maximise both value and market appeal.

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Our Promise to You

Propia is designed to help you unlock the potential that exists within your property.

Each property is unique; understanding the location, size and target market influences the improvement decisions we recommend.

We apply a bespoke process using current trends and micro-market research to ensure our suggestions are specifically focussed towards optimising your property.

Help to sell

We give power back to the homeowner by squeezing every last pound’s worth of value out of your property as well as taking much of the stress and hassle out of the moving process.

We will help you achieve a fast and profitable sale of your property.

Help to let

The letting market requires a different approach; achieving a high but sustainable rent is the golden ticket for landlords.

We offer the service that maximises the appeal of your property to prospective tenants and makes them never want to leave.

Property Optimising

Our services are not only about adding value, but also creating a more marketable asset.

Sometimes the smallest changes can make the biggest difference to a property's value and market appeal.

To make sure our advice is implemented properly, we manage the project and carry out the work to our own high standards.

  • img04 Bathroom

    Good bathrooms really impress both buyers and tenants. We deliver the most effective solution to create a bathroom to be proud of.

  • img04 Decorate

    Neutral colours and a fresh finish are a must. Painting, tiling, wallpaper... we love to do it all.

  • img04 Extension

    Creating additional space immediately boosts appeal and value - we offer a full design, build and project management service.

  • img04 Flooring

    For relatively little expense, a well-chosen and well-fitted floor (wooden, tiled or carpet) can transform the atmosphere of a property.

  • img04 Home-Staging

    Spacious, bright and clean is the winning formula; it is much easier to imagine oneself living in a well stylised property.

  • img04 kitchen

    The quality of the kitchen can make or break a home. Our expertise guides you to the most value-add option.

  • img04 Lighting

    We offer a range of permanent or temporary lighting options to show your home in the best light (hence the expression)!

  • img04 Planning

    Our services reach beyond just physical changes, from planning to lease extensions we have expertise to ensure a smooth process.

  • img04 Repairs

    Anything not working properly should be fixed in order to maximise appeal and reduce unwanted complications later on.

img04 img04 img04 img04

Our 6 simple steps to improving your property

We have designed a service that is as simple as possible with no hidden charges and no unwanted surprises.

For your peace of mind we have full public liability and contract works insurance.

  • 1
    Micro-market research

    Our research team conduct an analysis of your local area to help prepare us for the consultation and to compile your very own bespoke Local Market Report.

  • 2
    The Consultation

    We inspect your home and, most importantly, we speak to you to understand exactly what you are trying to achieve, what budget you have in mind and what your timescale is.

  • 3
    The Quote and Contract

    We put together an itemised fixed price proposal. Once agreed, we formalise our services through our own bespoke contract - designed to protect both parties throughout the process.

  • 4
    The Work

    We work to your schedule, getting in-and-out with minimum hassle; all our work is executed with maximum care and respect. On completion we perform a full walk-through to ensure you are fully satisfied.

  • 5
    The Money

    We give you the choice to pay on satisfactory completion of the works or at a later date out of the proceeds of your property, please see the payment page for further details.

  • 6
    After Sales Care

    We want our clients to be 100% satisfied, should any queries arise up to 6 months after we finish, we guarantee to address and resolve them at our own expense.

Standard payment

Based on the fixed price agreed before the works begin, the standard option for payment is an invoice submitted on satisfactory completion of the works, payable within 2 weeks.

The precise terms for payment are flexible; depending on the size of the project and circumstances we may require a small upfront deposit and/or interim payments for the longer projects.

Deferred payment

We are creating a platform to allow you to pay us out of the proceeds from a sale or rental of your property. This option is subject to availability and our own internal approval process, please contact us for further details.

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Increase Your Property’s Market Value

Adding value is only of interest if the value created is significantly more than the cost of the works. We call this 'net' value.

Often the smaller projects involving subtle changes have the biggest impact.

If you are lucky enough to have the option, an extension is a sure-fire way to add value; for most homes we work on the per square foot value far exceeds the cost of extending.


I am very glad I chose Propia as this was my first time redoing a flat so I needed clear guidance on the areas to focus on. They have been very flexible in terms of their approach and really good at helping me stick to a tight budget with great ideas of how to modernise and make the most of the rooms.

Rachel, Peckham

Having helped on a couple of properties now, I can confidently say they have always stuck to the timeline and have been a delight to deal with. They completely transformed the space and sorted out the bathroom.

Patrick Mavros, Jeweller

These guys were great. Not only were they punctual, polite and pragmatic, they were great value for money and it all worked seamlessly.

Julia Groves, Trillion Fund

Propia were absolutely fantastic, I literally couldn't have asked for more. The whole team were incredibly professional throughout the whole project. From planning, budgeting and time management through to the fantastically high quality of the work carried out and the excellent after-care. I could not recommend them highly enough.

Tom, Farringdon

Propia is an absolutely brilliant company - I would highly recommend them. I am thrilled with my new kitchen. They worked quickly and efficiently and left my home clean and tidy at the end of each day.

Olivia, Wandsworth

Recent projects

  • Alt

    James Wells


    James Wells has a Masters in Real Estate, working in real estate investment and fund management for over four years; this has given him an excellent knowledge and understanding of the property market. James also loves the hands-on side of the business and has single-handedly renovated a number of properties of his own, becoming somewhat of a kitchen and bathroom specialist.

  • Alt

    Charlie Hurlbatt


    Charlie has been running a handyman agency for over 5 years and more recently founded SLP, a property development company. He has worked alongside high end property developers in Kensington & Chelsea as well as estate agents across London such as Winkworth and Savills. Fully trained and City & Guilds accredited in brickwork, plastering and carpentry, Charlie has a wealth of experience and knowledge of the trades.


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